FROGS News - October 2022

FROGS v4.0.1 is available

FROGS v4.0.1 is can be downloaded on :

For an easy installation there are :

This new version is available among others on

Platform Galaxy Command line
GenoToul Bioinfo yes yes
Migale soon yes
IFB yes yes

What has changed since the last version?

Tools added:

PICRUSt2 is a software for predicting functional abundances based only on marker gene sequences. This tool is integrated as 4 FROGSFUNC tools :

:books: Tutorials are available for these 4 tools :

Modified tools

Normalisation tool :

OTU_filter tool :

Two options for filtering OTUs on prevalence criteria are now available.

  1. the OTU must be present in X samples

  2. the OTU must be present in X samples forming the condition

:bulb: Please note that in order to use this option, it is mandatory to reference a metadata file where each sample is identified with a condition.

Affiliation_stat tool :

In addition to the ability to create rarefaction curves on taxonomic ranks, it is now possible to create them on OTUs.

Remove_chimera tool :

We add “% Clusters kept” and “% Cluster abundance kept” in HTML chimera detection by sample table.

New documentations for using FROGS v4.0.1:

New databases are available, here are all the databases we have formatted (on demand) for RDPClassifier and NCBI Blast+
Please pay attention to the licence of the database and how to cite it.

amplicon base filters version galaxy_value
gyrb GyrB mars-19 gyrb_GyrB_03-2019
28S MaarjAM 25/05/2019 28S_MaarjAM_25-05-2019
COI BOLD 52022 COI_BOLD_052022
18S PR2 4.14.0 18S_PR2_4.14.0
16S MIDAS S138.1_v4.8.1 16S_MIDAS_S138.1_v4.8.1
rbcL KBell_plant 2021-07 rbcL_KBell_plant_2021-07
16S DAIRYdb V2.0_20210401 16S_DAIRYdb_v2.0_20210401
16S DAIRYdb V1.2.4_20200604 16S_DAIRYdb_v1.2.4_20200604
ITS UNITE Eukaryote 8.3 ITS_UNITE_Eukaryote_8.0
ITS UNITE Fungi 8.3 ITS_UNITE_Fungi_8.3
rbcL Diat.barcode 10.1 rbcL_Diat.barcode_10.1

You need help to use FROGS, you are looking for training:

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for a webinar training:
:exclamation: next session: 3th to 6th April 2023

for a presential training at Jouy-en-Josas:

:new: Lucas Auer joined le team !
Reasearch engineer in biostatistics at INRAE at IAM (Tree-microbe interactions) lab in Nancy. Specialist in fungal meta-omics approaches in soils.

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